Episode 13 - Phishing and other fun social engineering tricks

If you aren't familiar with the topic of phishing, pharming and other related social engineering tricks this is a fun talk for you. Join Michele, Patrick »

Episode 12 - Trust, standards and the cloud

On the heels of the LEADS standard initiative, backed by Microsoft and others, Michele, Patrick and Duane chat about cloud trust, the importance of standards and »

Episode 11 - Heartbleed and other fun breaches

Let's talk heartbleed with Michele, Patrick and Duane! It's fun! Your browser does not support the audio element. »

Episode 10 - So, this security thing...

Lockdown is relaunched as a conversational podcast with Michele, Patrick and Duane in this episode having a candid chat about this thing we call "security". Your »

Episode 9 - Sahil Malik on SharePoint Identity

Lockdown Archives: November 2011 Michele and Patrick talk turkey about SharePoint identity with Sahil Malik, a fantastic resource on the SharePoint platform who helps us demystify »