Episode 8 - Richard Campbell - a man of many talents

Lockdown Archives: November 2011 On this show Michele and Patrick interview the one and only Richard Campbell - a man of great diversity and skill who »

Episode 7 - Joe Stagner - man of intrigue

Lockdown Archives: September 2011 Hosts Michele Leroux Bustamante and Patrick Hynds welcome the unique perspective of Joe Stagner. Your browser does not support the audio element. »

Episode 6 - Caleb Sima - Security Entrepreneur

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Episode 5 - Laura Hunter - ADFS Kitteh

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Episode 4 - The Amazing Dominick Baier

Lockdown Archives: June 2011 Michele and Patrick catch up with security expert Dominick Baier and of course discuss identity, StarterSTS, his recent book on claims-based authentication, »