Episode 3 - Duane Laflotte - Don't Be Hacked!

Lockdown Archives: May 2011

In this show Patrick and Michele talk with Duane Laflotte, CTO of Critical Sites and hacker for the audit team. An appropriate episode to follow Paula (another white hat) and interesting discussion since Patrick and Duane have worked together for many years. Good times as they reminisce on experiences protecting systems and enterprises from malicious attacks.

About Duane Laflotte Duane Laflotte

CTO for CriticalSites and is the senior hacker on the audit team. CriticalSites specializes in security and secure development, as it is in these areas that our clients get the most return on our many years of experience doing classic consulting. With his expertise in both secure development and enterprise networking he is able to architect secure solutions for clients as well as analyze and exploit the weaknesses in existing implementations.

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